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Affiliate Marketing – A beginners journey – Part 2

Affiliate marketing beginner

Affiliate Marketing – A beginners journey – Part 2

So a few weeks have passed since I wrote the first part of my series on affiliate marketing. After a long time working and deliberating I finally put my site live which allowed me to start applying for some affiliate programs.

As I discussed in the previous post I am going to start looking at promoting software and services and decided to start with some products that I use or have used in the past or at least appear to be reasonably solid offerings.

Don’t forget that any links I provide to paid services are likely to result in tepagemi enterprises receiving a commission. If you are thinking of subscribing to any of the services/products I discuss then using my affiliate link is much appreciated as that help keep this site free to access.

Blog Posts

So far I’ve managed to produce a weekly post on a variety of topics. Here is a quick run through of the blog posts up to date (20th July 2020).

Infinity project

Infinity Project Review: A rundown of a course offered by Steve Clayton & Aidan Booth. Very successful vendors over the years on Clickbank. This product offers a high commission for affiliates so even though I am not likely to generate much traffic to my site as I start out even a single sale would make a significant difference to me. This product also has the advantage that Steve & Aidan have an excellent sales funnel that can lead to further commissions for up to 60 days with no further promotion on my part. Read it here.

Online Courses: One of 2 early posts that I tried outsourcing on Unfortunately I ended up having to rewrite pretty much every word as a lot of it didn’t make much sense. It was very cheap but unfortunately it was money wasted as I ended up re-doing the whole thing. Lesson learned! The actual post looked at ways of creating courses and presenting them to potential students. Read it here.

Affiliate Marketing – A beginners journey – Part 1: A look at some of the issues I faced when deciding to start doing affiliate marketing. Read it here.

How to make money from YouTube: Another outsourced blog post from This was twice the price of the other post I contracted out but needed only minor tweaks so was worth it. Will likely use this author again in the future. The post looked at how to setup a channel on YouTube and how to monetise it. Read it here.

Blue host ad

Top Web Hosting Companies 2020: A review of some of the top web hosting services and because I’m UK based I also looked at some UK options. Like any review this is ripe for affiliate links so I applied to several companies. I did get turned down by one – presumably they are only interested in people that are already getting traffic. The added bonus here is that I can refer people to one of these companies if I manage to make any sales of web design on my freelancing site. digimktg.websiteRead it here.

Fiverr homepage

How to make money on Fiverr: Some ideas as to how to use the gig site to make some money. Read it here.

NordVPN Review: A product that I have been using for about 5 years. With privacy becoming an issue for more people and the fact more and more people use their mobile devices on public networks a VPN solution is one that many people require. Read it here.

nordvpn sale

So I’ve posted regular content which I believe is one thing that pleases Google! You may ask why I haven’t done more with or with promoting my site in general. Well I’ve been in the process of moving house so my priorities have consequently been elsewhere. Now that I’ve moved I can hopefully devote more time over the coming weeks to promoting the site and creating content that will help me improve my Google rankings.

I’m going to do some more research to decide on the best 2 or 3 ideas for Fiverr as well as hopefully I can get gigs there that will allow me to recommend affiliate products to my customers eg web hosting.


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