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47 Golf Affiliate Programs – by someone who actually plays!


Golf affiliate programs

Golf, by some described as a good walk spoiled. For others a lifetime obsession.

Is it a niche for an online business?

For those of you short on time I would say an emphatic yes. Golf affiliate programs can be an excellent choice.

Equipment/General Affiliate Programs


If you are looking to serve an audience of German golfers then all4golf offers a decent commission rate of 6%. You can sign up for their program through sovrn//Commerce  (formerly Viglink).

They offer a full range of golf equipment, accessories and clothing, including many of the major premium brands.


Amazon Golf

Anyone in the affiliate marketing space will have heard of Amazon Associates. It allows you to earn a commission on any sales you can drive to them.

While Amazon doesn’t tend to stock premium golf brands there are still lots of products for you to promote. For example training accessories, balls, technology and clothing.

Of course, the big advantage with Amazon is the level of trust that potential buyers have with the brand. Also as an affiliate, you would earn commission on any Amazon purchases for 24-hours after someone clicks on your link.

Remember when dealing with physical products, they offer significantly lower commission than digital products. In this case, Amazon Associates would pay 6% commission assuming you were doing less than £7,500 of sales per month. 7% if you were doing more than £7,500 of sales per month. You should also note that you will only receive 1.5% where the sale is deemed to be indirect. An indirect sale is one where someone has clicked on a link to a different category. For example electronics before adding the products from the golf category or vice versa.

For premium golf brands you would need to consider some of the more specific golf affiliate programs.

American Golf

American Golf

This is a large UK / European golf retailer both brick and mortar and online. They deal with all the premium brands. No matter what sort of potential customer you are dealing with American Golf will be able to supply the product that they need.

Compared with Amazon you have the luxury of a 30-day cookie but American Golf will only pay 3% commission. Given the high cost of international shipping it would probably be a good idea to have a UK / European option. This would let you serve any potential customers in that region.

You can sign up through sovrn//Commerce where you’ll be able to download a number of assets such as banners to help you promote American Golf.


Austad Golf

Given that there are approximately 24 million golfers in the US (according to Austad’s program could prove to be a useful asset. Offering as much as 9% commission if you manage to do more than $5,000/month or 7.5% commission as standard. You also enjoy a 60-day cookie. Browsing their website would indicate that they stock the majority of premium brands. They also offer custom options for many of the top manufacturers. Unfortunately, they currently only ship products to the lower 48 States.


Ben Hogan Golf

The former 9 time major winner’s equipment company is still going although only as an online concern. You can sign up via or CJ by the look of it and they offer commission of between 6 and 8%.

Budget Golf

Budget Golf

They offer a mixture of medium and lower-tier brands. They also sell discontinued products from premium brands such as Mizuno or Titleist.

Available through they have a 30-day cookie but only pay 2% commission. I suppose the reason is, they are generally selling lower-priced equipment.

Bushnell Golf

Bushnell Golf

Arguably, the best range finder on the market, Bushnell will pay a base 3% commission on sales which can increase up to 6% for sales greater than $400. They offer you a 30-day cookie and the program can be applied for via the Rakuten Linkshare network.

Callaway Golf

Callaway Golf

One of the premium manufacturers in the industry. Renowned in particular for their designs that help make the game easier for beginners/high handicappers.

Clubs such as the Big Bertha with its warbird soul were particularly good sellers.

Callaway is at the forefront of golf club technology and regularly brings out interesting designs. E.g. their square driver or the carbon composite C4 driver.

The affiliate program is hosted by You will be able to earn between 6% and 9% commission and you would have a 45-day cookie.

Callaway pre-owned

Callaway Pre-Owned

Many of the premium brands now charge a lot of money for clubs. More people, including myself, often look at the second-hand market to pick up a quality club at a more reasonable price.

Recognizing this trend Callaway has created a separate website. You can pick up used Callaway clubs which are guaranteed by the company.

As an affiliate for this site, you would earn 6% commission and similar to the main Callaway site you would have a 45 day cookie.


Carls Golf Land

Another retail store with an online presence again featuring many of the premium brands and stocking a wide variety of products. You can sign up via sovrn//Commerce. You will earn around about 4 percent commission according to the sovrn//Commerce website.


Click Golf

You can sign up for this program via the sovrn//Commerce network and you would receive between $3 and $5 per sale. Clickgolf sells the usual range of golf equipment and related accessories but is UK based.

Fairway Golf USA

Fairway Golf USA

A US-based retailer that offers all the premium brands. You can sign up through Share-A-Sale and you would earn between 4% and 10% commission.

You will also receive a $5 bonus for every sale over $200 and 10% for the first 60 days. They also offer a 60-day cookie which is very generous.

For aficionados of Japanese clubs they also offer a number of brands that wouldn’t be seen on a lot of other golf websites. For example Miura, Grindworks, Majesty Golf, Epon and Fourteen golf.



Part of the Acushnet group that includes Titleist. Footjoy produce gloves, shoes, clothing and accessories.

Sign up at Commission Junction for 5% commission and a 30-day cookie.

Global Golf

Global Golf

Offering 8% commission Global golf sell pretty much any product that a golfer would require. Their program is hosted on link connector so you would need to make an application through their website. Like most of the online retailers in this post they seem to stock a wide variety of the top brands. For example Titleist, Ping, Cobra, Callaway, TaylorMade and Srixon.

Golf Avenue

Golf Avenue

This store would appear to be available on both the sovrn//Commerce and Rakuten Linkshare networks. Given that according to sovrn//Commerce their average commission rates are less than 1% it may not be worth looking into this one too much further.

Golf Gear Direct

Golf Gear Direct

Another UK based retail store offering a wide range of top quality brands in all verticals in the golf niche. This will pay you out 5% via the sovrn//Commerce network. Obviously only really works for UK based traffic.

Golf Outlet USA

Golf Outlet USA

This site appears to specialise in the value end of the market so there are no products from any of the premium brands. The commission on offer is 5%. Given the significantly lower price of the products on offer this may not be my first choice to add to an affiliate blog.


In The Hole Golf

Offering a wide variety of products including many leading brands intheholegolf pays out between 6% and 8% commission. It has an EPC of around $25 according to the Share-A-Sale dashboard.


My Golf Outlet

Should you be serving a German audience then mygolfoutlet via the sovrn//Commerce network might be a wise choice. They appear to offer many of the big brands and even better they offer a 10% commission.

Oncore Golf

Oncore Golf

You can sign up for their affiliate program via They offer a number of different types of golf balls. I’m afraid I don’t have any information on the commission rates.


Online Golf

An online retailer that first started in 1999. I believe it is now part of American Golf. I have used the UK site many times over the years as a customer.

For affiliates, they offer commissions of up to 7% and a 30-day cookie. You can sign up with

The Golf Warehouse

The Golf Warehouse

Another online retailer featuring a host of premium brands. Their affiliate program is hosted by Commission Junction and pays out a reasonable 6% commission and offers a 30-day cookie.

Another solid option since they are going to be authorised resellers of premium equipment. This is what a large percentage of your target audience is likely to want to buy.

TaylorMade Golf

TaylorMade Golf

One of the premium brands in the marketplace. As used by recent Masters winner Dustin Johnson.

Disappointingly only pays 4% commission through sovrn//Commerce. Obviously going direct to the manufacturer means that you will have access to every single product. Including some that may not necessarily be available in certain online stores.

Clothing Affiliate Programs

Abacus Sportswear

Abacus Sportswear

Another one available through Share-A-Sale which will pay affiliates 10%. There are a number of professionals on the tour wearing Abacus clothing so it should have a reasonable level of awareness among golfers. They have a reputation for quite good quality.

Broken 3 wood

Broken 3 Wood

This looks interesting as it appears to be a shopify store that has been created to sell clothing featuring the broken 3-wood logo. Pays an impressive 11% commission on sales and it does have have a $13 EPC according to the Share-A-Sale dashboard.


Golf Poser

Targeting a demographic that wants to look ‘nice’ on the golf course, Golfposer carries a wide range of the top clothing brands. Unfortunately, it’s only paying you 2.5% commission, however. You can sign up at sovrn//Commerce



A company that needs no introduction. They had a brief dalliance in the equipment market but beat a retreat a number of years ago.

Their program pays up to 11% commission and you have the benefit of a 30-day cookie.



It would appear Proozy specialises primarily in clothing. According to their Share-A-Sale listing, they offer a 5% commission with an EPC of just over $19.

Trendy Golf

Trendy Golf

An interesting one since everyone seems to list a variety of affiliate payouts. According to sovrn//Commerce network you get $7.

Stockists of premium golf brands such as J.Lindberg and Ralph Lauren.

Training Aids

Doc’s Golf Tips

Doc's Golf Tips

As the name suggests this is a site that sells a selection of DVDs that show you how you can improve your golf game. The nature of the product means as an affiliate you could receive commission of 75%. While the commission is excellent I am not overly convinced that they would improve my game.

Golf Gym

Golf Gym

Golfgym offers a number of training aids and exercises to improve your game in a number of ways. From an affiliate point of view, they offer a very generous 20% commission on sales according to Share-A-Sale they have an EPC of just over $11.

Golf Tech

Golf Tech

Offering a very pleasant 30% commission, Golftech sells a product which purports to improve your balance. However, looking at the share-a-sale dashboard would suggest it’s not doing particularly well given they have an EPC of $0.

G-Force Golf

GForce Golf

This one is only for qualified or trainee golf coaches but it is worth mentioning since it offers up 20% commission.

G-Force golf offers a training package that helps golfers improve their swing.

They offer a driver, 7 iron, wedge or putter as swing training implements to help golfers improve those areas of the game.

The clubs feature a super-flexible shaft to train the golfer how to swing the club with the correct tempo.


My Golfing Store

Provides users with video lessons from qualified PGA professionals. for a monthly fee. Also sells training aids and accessories. You can sign up for their affiliate program at their website. No details on their commission but other sites have suggested a $40 bonus for signing up new members.

Refiner Golf

Refiner Golf

Refiner golf sell a number of training clubs to improve your golf swing. Despite the 12% commission available via Share-A-Sale it would appear that not many people are using the program. The statistics on the dashboard don’t show much in the way of sales.

Swingman Golf

Swingman Golf

A training program looking primarily to improve your swing speed. You could earn 50% of the monthly fee or 10% of the annual one.

Other Affiliate Programs


Club Lender

A website that allows you to hire clubs anywhere in the US. Pays it’s affiliates 5% commission.


Golf 18 Network

A tee booking service covering 9000 courses worldwide. You can have a booking system added to your site or even have an API integration if you have sufficient traffic.

You might be looking at 6% commission.


Golf Care

Arguably the best-known golf insurance provider in the UK, offering several levels of cover. A product that every golfer, certainly in the UK, should have and you can earn 10% commission on every sale. Unfortunately, the price of the insurance is relatively low but it is another string to your bow.


Golf Simulator Store

Offering a very attractive 10% commission on golf simulator products. That even increases to 15% on a select number of items. This might well be a very lucrative niche to investigate, given the relatively high cost of some of the products in this area.


Le Smart Golf

Offering a variety of clothing and training aids primarily. This company offers you a 12% commission via the Share-A-Sale network. I’ll be honest their website does look a little bit homemade. My limited investigations would suggest the products may be coming from Alibaba. According to an EPC of $37.58 one assumes things are going quite well, however.


My Score Card

Aimed at golf club owners, society or tournament organisers (so a much smaller market). You might earn up to 16% commission but I would think the market for this product isn’t that big.

I don’t have any experience of US golf courses but would assume they already offer their members a handicap system. I can’t think of a UK course that wouldn’t be offering its members a handicap since that is a prime reason to be a member.

The recent introduction of the World Handicap System isn’t mentioned on the myscorecard site. Presumably, it would be compatible since it is based on the USGA system.

I wouldn’t put this high on my priority list of golf affiliate programs.



Originally best known for their innovative eyewear in a number of sports. They have branched out into other items such as clothing and accessories.

Get 6% commission at

I thoroughly recommend their prescription sunglasses as I have 3 pairs for playing golf.


Rain Or Shine Golf

A golf simulator retailer offering you a 5% commission with a 30-day cookie. Doesn’t seem as good as golfsimulatorstore.


Shop Indoor Golf

Earn between 8 and 11% with shopindoorgolf. They stock a wide range of golf simulators, launch monitors and associated accessories. Some of the products cost in the five-figure range so even at 8% you could be looking at over $1000 for a sale.

Shot by shot

Shot By Shot

An app that will help you analyse your golf game and as an affiliate will pay out $10 per sale.

Vice Golf

Vice Golf

Started out with a range of golf balls and have now branched out into clothing and accessories.

You can find them on the CJ network where you could earn 6%.

Golf Affiliate Programs: Promotional Methods

Equipment Reviews

Probably the default for most golf blogs. Create reviews of clubs, clothing and accessories and then link out to the relevant provider.

Niche Down

Pick a smaller niche within golf eg golf simulators and create a site around that with links to the appropriate suppliers.

Think Outside the Box

You could review more exotic golf courses and build a sort of travel blog around that with affiliate links to resorts, hotels and flights.

Golf Affiliate Programs: Conclusion

There is an amazing variety of golf affiliate programs to join. Just on the sovrn//Commerce network, there are more than 170!

While researching this post I did come across an awful lot where the product site no longer existed. Some didn’t appear to actually have affiliate programs anymore and a number also had very low commission rates.

I think the ones I have listed here should give you some great ideas if you are thinking of creating a golf blog.


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