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How to Become an Online Tutor?

how to become an online tutor

Are you good enough with teaching skills? Well, you can start your tuition classes online. Technological innovations can support you with your goals. Students and parents these days are eager to find tutors online that can meet their specific learning requirements. And you can create a great business out of this innovative idea.

It has been more several months since the covid-19 pandemic hit the world, and populations worldwide are facing local or even national lockdowns. In some cases students are not able to get back to their schools or colleges, as a result, their studies are affected to a considerable degree.

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Because of this, many students are looking for online teaching in order to help cover their course. If you are skilled enough with teaching abilities and know some subjects very well, you could set up your online tuition business right away. Once you start helping students to improve their grades, motivate them to perform better and assist with exam preparation tips, you will be making a massive difference.

There are so many options to start with online tutoring. You can find many software tools, websites, and platforms that may assist you with this goal. Either you can sign up with one or more platform or you might even set up your own. The process is pretty simple, and if you have the requisite skills you could make a good income in the long run. It can even turn out to be your full-time job and can help you live with more financial freedom while working from the comfort of your own home.

Online tutoring options: How to become an online tutor?

There are so many options to set up your tuition platform. First of all, you need to choose your target region and the type of audience. Do an in-depth analysis of what specific skills you need to match the needs, personalise and improve the knowledge of your potential students.

You should be careful when selecting the course format. You can start with written courses or video tutorials. Most of the students these days demand video tutoring with video conferences, text chat messages and whiteboards. Along with the mode of education, you need to choose the course model. If you are skilled enough to lead e-learning classes, you can have two-course options for the course model: academy model or night school model.

The academy model is basically a school type model where students can visit the website and check out various topics instead of a single option. It is more like a Netflix subscription model where learners get free access to several courses with a specific monthly or annual subscription.

On the other side, the night school model is the traditional teaching-learning model where you take classes on specific courses, and students pay for that. The tutors in this category provide standalone courses with all essential study material that can be delivered in the form of video tutorials, PDFs, and on-demand live classes.

Some tutors also prefer to take one to one classes with video conferencing, and this can help them to earn more.

What platforms can help you set up your classes online:

Once you have decided about what type of courses you will be delivering, you have to choose a platform to sell them online. There are two main choices, you can either register with some existing tutoring website, or you can set up your own tutoring platform.

Existing tutoring websites:

There are so many online tutoring websites that you can join, such as Udacity, Udemy, Skillshare and many more. All these online websites follow a specific business model with unique features and specifications. For instance, Udemy allows online tutors to sell courses while targeting audiences throughout the world. You just need to register on this platform as a tutor and start selling your own courses to your target audience.

You can set up a profile with several of these online platforms. As they sell courses around the world, they prefer hiring skilled tutors only. If you are proficient with your teaching skills then you can make great returns from these platforms.

Setting up your own platform:

The other option is to set up your personal teaching platform where you can deliver one to many or one to one classes. It is more like a real-time classroom session and can ensure more engagement between teacher and student. If you start this online tutoring business, you may need a few essential resources.

First you need to have a domain name that works like a specific web address where students can find you. You will also need to find a reliable web hosting provider to host your site . Modern website builders make it pretty simple to create a tutoring platform online, but if you are planning to share video tutorials, you can also create a channel on YouTube and start sharing your content.

Online tutoring software platforms:

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You can also find many online tutoring software platforms that make teaching and learning practices much easier. WizIQ is one of the most popular solutions which is currently serving more than 4.5 million students with 400,000 training services. You can create online classes at this platform, and they are ready to offer 24×7 hour support to make sure everything goes well. Another option is Tutorpace that offers online classes for accountancy, statistics, economics, biology, chemistry, and mathematics. The tutors on this platform explain the topics to registered students online.

Some of you may also utilise Google Classroom, which is a free app from Google. It helps students and teachers to collaborate on one platform to organise and manage assignments. This paperless study platform makes things easier for the technology inspired generation.

Takelessons is another famous choice where students and teachers can avail themselves of a number of interesting features. It also has an attendance management system and scheduling solution to make the flow more convenient. Learnspeed has also gained huge popularity online for its web-based counselling, tutoring and test preparation system. It also consists of scheduling, calendar, payroll, payment processing, SMS and many more features.

It is even possible to run courses in multiple languages using existing tutoring websites, software tools, and your own platforms as well.

How much income can you generate?

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No matter which one of these options you choose to become a tutor online, it is possible to make a considerable income.

When you are running your own tuition classes online, you can charge students on an hourly basis and depending on the subject area the per-hour charges may vary from £25 to £50, however, for some advanced courses such as competitive test preparations, the earnings may increase.

Note that the demand for online tutoring is increasing, students and parents prefer to find some reliable solutions online given the covid-19 situation.

If you start delivering courses via some of the existing tutoring websites, they may take some of the margin from course income, however, you can still make a considerable income.

The earnings on these websites also vary with the type of course, the number of enrolments, and your reputation online. You can choose a wide range of topics and start promoting your courses online.


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