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How to Profit From the Siteground Affiliate Program


Disclaimer: Please note that I am an affiliate for Siteground but also now host my new sites on their platform. If you purchase Siteground hosting through the links below I will receive a commission but this will not affect the price you pay.

One of the more obvious ways to generate an affiliate income is to promote web hosting. Many, if not most, money making blogs will have a post on “how to start a blog” and the first thing you will be told is to sign up to Bluehost!

The reason why so many bloggers promote Bluehost is that it offers one of the best affiliate programs for web hosting (high commission). In the past it has also been a well-regarded provider.

Unfortunately my experience over the last 12 months would suggest they need to up their game with regards to speed. This is particularly important now that Google is taking much more notice of the speed of your website.

I found that using Siteground rather than Bluehost is like the difference between night and day. Using the backend of WordPress to maintain your site or when running tests on the performance of your site, Siteground seems an awful lot faster.

Siteground Hosting

Of the providers I have tried Siteground offers great performance at a great price. They have a built-in caching plug-in called the SG optimiser. Another useful feature is built-in backups with all but their cheapest package. A lot of other web hosts expect you to pay extra for backups.

Despite removing Elementor and installing a CDN I can’t get my Bluehost sites to perform anywhere near as quickly as the sites I have on Siteground.

While I admit that I am only using shared hosting, this is likely to be what the majority of beginners will start with. Most people won’t have the budget to pay $30 or $40 per month for web hosting when they start out.

Siteground Affiliate Program

siteground pricing

You can sign up for the Siteground program directly from their website. The more packages you manage to sell the higher the rate you will receive. If you can manage to sell more than 20 new accounts per month then you will be able to negotiate a custom rate. The current rates are listed below for the total sales you make per month.

  • 1 and 5 sales – 50USD/50AUD/30GBP/40EUR
  • 6 and 10 sales – 75USD/75AUD/50GBP/60EUR
  • 11 and 20 sales – 100USD/100AUD/65GBP/75EUR
  • 21+ sales – Custom Commission

How to Promote

Start a Blog

siteground keyword

You want to be getting visitors to your affiliate links as cheaply as possible. This usually means SEO. A quick look at one of the keyword tools shows it will be quite difficult to rank for the most obvious terms.

According to Ubersuggest if you want to rank on page 1 for the term “siteground” you are going to need a domain authority of around 81 . You will also need the best part of 300 links. This is likely to be beyond pretty well anyone writing their own blog. Aside from their own pages, the only other pages on the first page of Google are Wikipedia and WPbeginner.

The next obvious route that people take to promote web hosting is the “how to start a blog” route. This still has an excellent search volume of over 60,000 but unfortunately is only marginally less competitive.

If you try to niche down further let’s say to “how to start a sports blog” then you will find the competition is lower in this case Ubersuggest rates it at 14. You are only going to need an average of 1 backlink and domain authority of 53! To me a domain authority of 53 sounds pretty high, I have to be honest. It will still take you some time, effort and money to get your website ranking on page 1 for that term. According to Ubersuggest that term only has around 200 searches per month!

Even if they didn’t find that article using Google it is still worth writing. Visitors to your site can still read that “how to start a blog” article.

To an extent it depends upon the niche you are in. If your blog is about making money online or entrepreneurship then many of those visitors are going to need a website. If they haven’t already created one they may well read your post and even click your affiliate link to sign up to Siteground.

How to Profit From the Siteground Affiliate Program

Siteground Review

Probably the next most obvious piece of content would be to write a review of Siteground hosting. Ideally you should have some experience of using Siteground as a host as this will add an air of authenticity to your review.

Ubersuggest rates this term as a relatively easy term to rank for in SEO, requiring a domain authority of around 64 and 19 backlinks to get onto page 1.

Comparative Reviews

Another fairly standard piece of content that you find on affiliate sites. Doing comparisons of siteground with its major competitors such as Bluehost, Hostgator, Ionos et cetera.

None of these terms on their own are going to have particularly large search volume and none of them are likely to be especially easy to rank for. The point of writing them is to build up a certain level of topical relevance about Siteground which will add weight in Google’s eyes to your content.

Also having lots of content about Siteground should build confidence in your opinions.

Resource Page

Another old favorite for bloggers who want to present affiliate links. Provide a resource page listing all the software and tools that you use in your business. Where there are affiliate programs available provide an affiliate link for your audience. Obviously you need to disclose that you are an affiliate for the products listed on the page. Since you are able to show them that you are using these products your visitors are probably more likely to want to buy them.

Web Services

If you currently offer web design services as the main part of your business then recommend Siteground as a platform for hosting. If a client comes to you with a totally greenfield development, offer to build them a new site with Siteground as the hosting provider. If someone already has a site and is looking for a re-design then you could suggest Siteground as a replacement for their current host.

Paid Advertising

Pretty well every affiliate program will forbid you from using branded terms in any paid advertising campaign. This will also include misspellings and associated terms. The general terms that you might try to bid on such as “web hosting” or “start a blog” will be quite expensive. It is unlikely that even an experienced person could make a profit using a paid marketing campaign. If you are still a relative newcomer then trying to use paid ads to drive traffic for affiliate marketing could end up being very expensive.

Using paid advertising in affiliate marketing when done successfully can be extremely profitable. You really do need to have a good idea of how the process works and have copy that converts well.


Most affiliate programs will provide you with advertising banners that you can display on your website. You can then attach your affiliate link to the banner. Anyone interested in the product will just click on the image and be taken through the Siteground sign up page.

Discount Coupons

Some web hosts will offer discount coupons from time to time which you could use as an added incentive to sell their hosting service. So far I haven’t seen any discount coupons provided by Siteground.

Social Media

Having a blog is only one part of the jigsaw puzzle. You need to try and get your content noticed by as many people as possible. That means sharing it on social media networks and even doing reviews on YouTube.

These suggestions will work well for any other hosting provider. If you have experience with them and are happy with them and they have an affiliate program.

How to Profit From the Siteground Affiliate Program: Conclusion

I have no doubt in my mind that you should be promoting Siteground. Indeed if you are using shared hosting I would suggest you give Siteground a try for your own sites. I am much happier than when I was using Bluehost.

While any provider of any service can attract some negative reviews on the whole I think Siteground offers a good value for money. They seem to be performing well.

Unlike many affiliate offers it is one that you would have no qualms about promoting.


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