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Jungle Scout Review 2020

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Jungle Scout Review 2020: What Is Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout review 2020

Founded by Greg Mercer in 2015, Jungle Scout, was designed to help people identify products to sell on Amazon.

Today Jungle Scout provides a one stop shop for aspiring and existing Amazon sellers with a wide range of tools to help you create and nurture an Amazon based business. Over 120 employees across the globe creating tools to help you conquer the world of Amazon selling!

It includes tools to help you find products, identify suppliers, launch and optimise listings. It can even assist with analytics, inventory and more!

The Opportunity

Amazon is a colossus that bestrides the world of online commerce. Since its founding in 1994 as a ‘humble’ bookstore it has gone on to dominate almost every area of online sales.

It’s total revenue for 2019 was over $280 billion dollars – that’s a 40 fold increase over the last 15 years!

There are 150 million Amazon Prime members worldwide!

Do you need any more reasons to grab a piece of that pie!

Who is Greg Mercer?

  • 8 Figure Amazon Seller
  • Winner of The Seller Awards for Best Amazon Expert
  • Featured in Forbes, Huffington Post, IncEntrepreneur and others

Jungle Scout Review 2020: Features & Benefits


Jungle Scout has grown into a whole suite of web-based tools, some of the features and benefits include:

  • Extension: Chrome Extension that gives you real time data on Amazon products that you are interested in.
  • Product Database: Over 70 million products from the Amazon catalogue for you to peruse.
  • Keyword Scout: The most accurate and comprehensive Amazon keyword research tool on the market.
  • Supplier Database: A listing of some of the top suppliers used by some of the world’s top brands.
  • Sales Analytics: Keep tabs on your Amazon fees and see profits in real time.
  • Inventory Manager: Avoid running out of stock by using a data driven approach to determine the best time to re-order and the quantity required.
  • Jungle Scout Academy: A suite of tutorials to help you start your Amazon FBA business.

Download the full feature document.

Currently enjoying a healthy Trustpilot score of 4.3!

 Jungle Scout sales analytics

Jungle Scout Review 2020: Jungle Scout vs Competition

Jungle Scout is the all in one suite of tools designed to improve your Amazon business not just a research tool. Arguably the industry leader. Providing you with the data you need to start or improve your business.

Data Accuracy

In a 2018 case study that was updated in 2019 Jungle Scout was ranked the most accurate of the tools tested.

Jungle Scout Review 2020: Pricing

Here is the current Jungle Scout pricing. You can see that the most basic plan starts from $19 per month (if you pay 12 months in advance). The suite package comes in at $49 per month (again if you pay for a year in advance).

However if you use my link then you will receive a discounted price. If you were to choose to pay for a year in advance then the suite would cost you $33.25 per month. (Additional taxes may apply depending on your country of residence)


Jungle Scout Review 2020: Conclusion

Given the wide range of tools available and the competitive pricing Jungle Scout is definitely going to be the company I will partner with when I start looking at Amazon FBA. I will post further articles when I have managed to make a start.

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