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Kartra Vs Clickfunnels: Which One is the Best?

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Kartra vs Clickfunnels: Which is the best?

Funnels are becoming a fundamental part of online business (and offline too). There are a number of funnel builder tools to assist businesses in building attractive and converting funnels quickly. However, beginners find it difficult to choose the best one to meet their demands.

Here we are going to talk about two of the most popular funnel builders available in the industry: Kartra and Clickfunnels. Both of these have their unique pros and cons; hence, selection may be a little complicated. Well, below I have provided a detailed comparison of Kartra Vs. Clickfunnels to ease your decision making.

Clickfunnels overview:

The Clickfunnels tool was created by Russell Brunson, its main aim is to help entrepreneurs enjoy greater conversion rates for their business without even spending more on website design. Using Clickfunnels, you can create landing pages and simple websites fairly quickly and easily – certainly when compared to learning html, css, javascript etc.

This tool comes with plenty of unique features such as the ability to build funnels, manage affiliates (for products you have created), hosting webinars, creating membership programs and many more.

Kartra overview:

Kartra is basically an all-in-one marketing tool that can be used for hosting the entire business as well as building sales funnels. This tool was developed by Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins, who have great experience in the marketing field. Although Kartra was launched after Clickfunnels, it has still gained a considerable reputation online.

Kartra is loaded with inbuilt CRM along with many creative marketing-oriented features such as calendar, video hosting, helpdesk, Kartra email, forms, landing pages, and many more.

Kartra Vs Clickfunnels: Which one is the best choice for your business?

There is no doubt that Clickfunnels and Kartra are both very good sales funnel builder tools. Note that they have many similar kinds of features such as the drag and drop functionality, the pre-built funnel templates, affiliate management tool, membership site creation, inbuilt email marketing automation, shopping cart, funnel sharing features and split testing. They are also rated as almost equally good in terms of service support.

Now the next important thing is what makes them stand apart. Well, for this, we need to check out the potential differences between these funnel builders. Not being biased, let us talk about some essential features, functionality details, and sophistication levels to understand which one of these is worth your investment.

Building Process:

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced entrepreneur, the convenience to build sales funnels quickly and easily is paramount. When you start developing a sales funnel with the Clickfunnels tool, it allows you to proceed in the sequence order and guides you step by step to the ultimate goal. If you are using the classic builder you select from one of 3 goals: lead generation, sales or webinar. You then go through each step customising the funnel pages to suit your needs.

Kartra takes everything in the reverse order.

Generally, a normal sales funnel starts with the sales or opt-in page, and it ends with a thank you page. Clickfunnels allows you to start with the front end building process and end with the final stage, whereas in the case of Kartra, you have to start with the thank you page and work back towards the landing page. At first this is a little awkward but with practice you will soon get used to it.

So in terms of funnel building Kartra is a little counter intuitive so most people would probably conclude that ClickFunnels is slightly easier to use.

Webinar Funnels:

Webinars are an integral part of marketing and product launching campaigns as they help to drive more revenue with a higher sales level. You will be happy to hear that Clickfunnels comes with an inbuilt, automated webinar system, which makes it easier to set up the sessions online. However, in case of Kartra, you can use its sister tools such as EverWebinar and WebinarJam but it is also possible to set up a webinar wholly in Kartra.

Video Hosting:

Clickfunnels doesn’t currently have an internal video hosting system; but this is a feature in Kartra. You can access the in-built tools of Kartra for designing converting videos, and at the same time, it allows easy access to three external hosting platforms: Vimeo, Wistia, and YouTube.

On the other side, for Clickfunnels, you have to use third-party platforms to lead creative video hosting options. The list includes Vimeo, YouTube, Wistia, HTMLf Video, and EasyVideoSuite.

So, in terms of video hosting services, Kartra appears a better choice.

FunnelFlix vs Kartraverse:

FunnelFlix has a wonderful collection of marketing courses, along with training options created by Russell Brunson for ClickFunnels. However only Clickfunnels Platinum subscribers get access to all of the Funnelflix software ($297 per month). Kartra also has a training program called Kartraverse and also has the Kartra Academy which you can currently use for FREE!


Russell Brunson has huge experience in the marketing field, and the Clickfunnels tool is also the de facto industry standard for marketing funnels but for me I just don’t want to sign up for product where the CEO puts out videos like this. In addition certain sources on the internet suggest that ClickFunnels doesn’t use its own platform for its membership or email needs. What does that say about them?

The creators of Kartra arguably have more than ample experience in the marketing field and the success of Kartra is evidence of that.

Pricing Plans:

Well, this is probably the most important point of comparison and can help you to make a solid decision about which one you will choose to promote your business. But at the same time, you should make sure if the investment is giving you returns. The idea is to weigh quality with price and then make a careful decision.

ClickFunnels pricing

Clickfunnels offer a 14 days trial to entrepreneurs so that they can check out the features and make a decision about the plan. The standard plan for Clickfunnels begins at $97/month, and it allows users to set up almost 100 pages, 20,000 visitors, 20 funnels, 3 custom domains, unlimited contacts, and almost every other important feature except follow up funnels and backpack.

The platinum plan is available with the payment of $297/month and is suitable for businesses with extensive needs. It allows easy access to an unlimited number of domains, pages, visitors, and funnels. It will also provide you easy access to the affiliate management and inbuilt autoresponder platform.

Another amazing option is a discount plan, which is also known as a secret masterclass plan. You have to pay upfront for six months, and the amount to be paid is $997 instead of $1782.

Kartra pricing

On the other side, Kartra has four different pricing plans; however, the first 14 days trial is also paid; although it is just $1 only.

The starter pack of Kartra is available at a price tag of $99/month, whereas the silver pack is available with the price tag of $199/month. For the gold pack, you have to pay $299/month, and the platinum pack is available with the price tag of $499/month. The prices rise as you add more features and more subscribers to your email list.

Certainly for beginners without any email following Kartra will work out a lot cheaper since you have all you need for $99 while with Clickfunnels you will be paying basically the same but then would need an email service which is likely to cost $15 even for a limited number of subscribers. If you get more email subscribers then you can buy ‘more’ in your current plan without moving up to the next price point.

Kartra Vs Clickfunnels: Which One is the Best?: Conclusion

Considering all these factors, I can say that Kartra is the clear winner in terms of features and pricing as well. You can start the Kartra trial here for just $1! You will have 7 days to check it out to see if you will find it useful.

However, I would add the caveat that for a beginner it may be overkill. If you have your own products to sell and want to setup membership sites and run affiliate programs then having all those features under one roof can be beneficial but if you’ve recently started a blog then you would be better served understanding how wordpress works (or whatever platform you are using), how to optimise for SEO and in an ideal world if you haven’t actually brought your domain yet then maybe consider the benefits of buying an aged domain to make ranking in google significantly easier (backlinks are important to ranking even for low difficulty keywords). I’ll be covering aged domains in a future post.


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