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Precious Metals Affiliate Programs: Increase your Revenue

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What is a precious metal

Precious metals are any metal that is highly valued because of its scarcity, use in industry or because of its role as a store of value. The 3 most well known are gold, silver and platinum.

Why are people interested in precious metals

precious metals affiliate programs

Today, precious metals are seen as a portfolio diversification tactic or as a hedge against inflation.

Given the current economic situation with most major economies groaning under enormous levels of debt. The IMF talking of financial resets. Is it any wonder that people are looking for ways to move some of their wealth outside traditional investments such as cash, bonds and stocks.

Google Trends has shown a significant uptick in interest in terms such as gold bullion over the past 9 months or so. Almost reaching levels not seen since the financial crisis of 2008.

This is because gold has historically been seen as a safe haven during times of currency stress. Gold has actually been shown to hold its value well, even going back to Roman times.

For UK citizens gold (and silver) coinage (eg 1 oz. Britannia) currently attracts no CGT (Capital Gains Tax). Although silver coins do attract VAT (Value Added Tax).

Why should you be an affiliate?

To put it simply most of the precious metals are quite expensive. Therefore, as an affiliate your commissions could conceivably mount up quite quickly.

Precious metals affiliate programs

As with any other affiliate program these will vary in terms of the commission available. Gold bullion is likely to generate the most profit due to the current pricing. The fact that it was still considered ‘money’ until relatively recently means many investors see it as the most important metal.

Some of the program’s payout a lump sum for an initial customer sign up, some are commission based and will payout for purchases made for up to 2 years. (A couple payout for the lifetime of the customer)

So, if you currently run some form of financial or investing website, here are some of the programs you could use to monetise your posts on investing in precious metals (in alphabetical order):


abgold landing page

American Bullion Inc’s affiliate program appears to be one of the most lucrative judging by their affiliate signup page. A qualified lead earns you a $30 bounty and you would earn 2% of commissions charged by the company. They offer both coins and bars and can also handle IRA accounts for US citizens.

Augusta Precious Metals

augusta gold home page

Earnings of up to 3% for customers you refer to Augusta Precious Metals. This would appear to be more of a manual option though!

BGASC (Buy Gold And Silver Coins)

bgasc homepage

Their program is run through Share-A-Sale or Commission Junction. Offering between $5 and $50 per sale.

Strangely they also offer some copper products!

Birch Gold

birch gold homepage

A well respected US based dealer offering the usual fare of gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Payouts of $25 for a qualified lead plus additional commissions up to 5% based on the value of deals done. As with most US based dealers they offer the IRA option for their customers retirement planning.


bullion shark homepage

BullionShark use ShareASale to administer their program. You can earn 5%. They sell a wide variety of coins and the usual bullion bars.


bullion star homepage

Besides the usual gold and silver bars and coins, BullionStar also trade in gold jewellery, numismatic coins, platinum and palladium.

Based in Singapore they offer affiliates a rate between 0.3% and 1% of the amount of coins or bars ordered.


bullion vault home page

They offer their partners a 25% share of commissions on sales for the first 2 years. You will also earn 6.25% share if you manage to refer new affiliates.

BullionVault primarily deal with bars stored in one of their vaults but also now offer coins for home delivery too.

You have the option of using a number of banners, charts and widgets to promote their services.

Bullion By Post

bullion by post homepage

It would appear they have replaced their commission based affiliate program with a refer a friend program. Both the customer and referrer receive a 1oz silver Brittania coin. (at the time of writing that would be worth £21 each)


gold broker home page

Partners will earn a 20% lifetime commission (20% of the net margin). You can use a number of different promotional items including banners and widgets which display the gold price.

Offering both vaulted and delivered metals.

GoldCo Precious Metals

gold co affiliate program

With payouts ranging from $35 to $200 per conversion, Goldco looks like a reasonable choice. They offer a number of marketing assets. You may also create your own, although you will need to get them approved by the affiliate manager. They offer a 30-day cookie.


goldcore hompepage

Goldcore has been trading in precious metals since 2003. UK based but having secure vaults in the UK, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong and Dubai.

They have a number of marketing materials not offered by some of the other companies including a range of guides such as ‘7 Key Storage Must Haves’ and ‘Protecting Your Wealth in the Coming Bail-In Era’.

You will receive a 25% commission on the gross premium charged by Goldcore but they do have a higher than average minimum payout threshold of $500.

In addition to the usual bars and coins, they also offer a ‘saver’ program.

GoldenEagle Coins

golden eagle coins homepage

ShareASale run the affiliate program for GoldenEagle Coins. You could earn a $15 commission per sale with a bonus of $50 for orders in excess of $5000. If you manage to attract new affiliates you will receive a $5 bonus.

It would appear they are targeting the retail investor more so than high net worth individuals.


gold money homepage

You can earn 25% of the net margin on sales and purchases.You can use a number of marketing assets that are provided to promote GoldMoney.

Gold Republic

gold republic homepage

Based in the Netherlands,  they offer customers the opportunity to buy gold silver or platinum but only in the form of bars or shares of bars. You can either then pay for Gold Republic to store your precious metals or you can have them delivered to your home.

A generous 25% commission is payable on any purchases a customer makes in the first 2 years.

Liberty Gold and Silver

liberty gold and silver homepage

With commission rates ranging from 30% to 50% of their profit on deals referred to them. This isn’t going to be an easy one however, as they expect you to phone or email details of the referred customer. There doesn’t appear to be any form of automatic tracking.

Liberty Silver Estonia

liberty silver estonia

The information on their affiliate page is sparse. If you post links on a domain you have registered with them, then your referrals should be tracked. For links posted in forums or on social media you would need to get some form of link from the company.

Details of commission rates are on application.

Liberty Silver Sweden

liberty silver sweden

Liberty Silver Sweden appears to be a sister company of Liberty Silver Estonia as the websites are similar. Both appear to be a part of Bullion International Limited.

Money Metals

money metals homepage

Another ShareASale program. This one pays out $16 for every customer you refer that makes a purchase within 30 days of the referral.

They actually sell silver bullets so if you have any werewolf hunters in your audience this would be the site to promote!

Noble Gold

noble gold homepage

As well as the normal bullion coins and bars Noble Gold Investments also trade-in numismatic coins. They run an in-house program and don’t give anything away on the affiliate signup page. They appear to offer a $30 sign up bonus along with a commission payment of up to 3%.


ownx homepage

They offer a reward program where you receive 25% of the markup on any sales where you referred the customer. You will receive this in the same form as the customer purchased eg gold or silver. However, it would appear you only receive your commission if you have made a purchase yourself!

RC Bullion

rc bullion homepage

RC Bullion will pay you 3% on all referred customers for the life of that customer.

Regal Assets

regal assets homepage

In addition to precious metals they offer crypto and luxury watches! Affiliates can earn up to $100 for verified leads and 3% of investment amount.

If you manage to sign up any affiliates then you would receive an additional 2% commission on their sales.

SD Bullion

sd bullion homepage

Currently in the process of revamping their affiliate program, you can still apply though.

Note that they require a minimum of 5000 visitors to your website or 1000 YouTube views every month to approve your application.


silver gold bull homepage

According to their CJ affiliate page they currently offer 1.7% commission for new customers and 0.8% for any subsequent purchases that they make.


silver snowball homepage

A different setup for this program. It seems you are supposed to sign up to purchase silver coins on a monthly basis. As part of the service you get a ‘Silver Snowball’ website. You can direct traffic and receive free silver coins for every coin purchased from ‘your’ site.

Might be worth a look if you are interested in purchasing some silver but seems slightly odd to me.

The Perth Mint

perth mint logo

Providing collectibles as well as bullion, the Perth Mint will pay 5% commission on almost all of their stock. They do have a few items which won’t attract a commission. They use a 30 day cookie.

The Royal Canadian Mint

royal canadian mint homepage

Offering a wide range of products beyond bullion coins, you can earn 5% or more on any sales you refer.

The Royal Mint

the royal mint homepage

Rakuten run the affiliate program for The Royal Mint. It offers commissions between 1% and 4% for bullion products. Other products will attract a commission between 5% and 7%.

UK Coin Company

uk coin company homepage

They offer a huge selection of bullion coins and will pay a 3% commission on referred sales.

Universal Coin Company

universal coin homepage

Another whose program is run through ShareASale. You can earn $7.5 per sale.


vaultoro homepage

Something different from this dealer. You are able to trade your Bitcoin for gold or vice versa.

Any customers you refer will earn you a 20% commission on Vaultoro’s trading fees. This continues for 2 years. You will also earn a 5% commission of any fees if a customer of yours should refer anyone.

A few other options:


redollar homepage

An online pawnbroker, which will pay 30% of their ‘proceeds’ to affiliates. In addition to gold and silver coins they will deal with watches, precious stones, luxury goods, collectibles  and artworks.

Silver of Life

silver of life homepage

Colloidal silver, not an investment product but a dietary supplement. Paying out 25% commission with a 365 day cookie.

This final program is not a straightforward gold affiliate program but is included as an interesting option.

The Gold Forecast

gold forecast homepage

The Gold Forecast is a daily video newsletter that recommends trades in the gold market.

A subscription is not cheap and you would receive 20% of the subscription. The monthly price is $119.

Gold Rush Trading Post

gold rush trading post

In the somewhat unlikely event you have a site catering to gold prospectors then this might be a suitable partner for you. Paying out 8% commission you will need to sign up via shareasale.

Precious Metals Affiliate Program: Summing Up

britannia 1 ounce coins

While researching this article I came across a number of companies that appear to have ceased trading.

Others had websites deemed unsafe by my browser!

There were also several that appeared to have cancelled their programs.

It would appear that most of the companies are not keen to publicise their affiliate programs. There is often no obvious link on their website.

Hopefully, you now have enough information to add some affiliate programs to your own website.


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