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25 Real Estate Affiliate Programs

25 Real Estate Affiliate Programs: Introduction

The majority of developed economies across the world are employing lower and lower interest rates. An increasing number are using various forms of quantitative easing. It is no surprise that more people are turning to real estate investment in order to protect their wealth and hopefully generate an income.

Becoming a real estate affiliate will allow you to grab a piece of a very large pie. It is also a market that is unlikely to go out of fashion. But with large rewards you generally find large challenges. Certainly real estate will not be an easy market to crack.

The covid-19 pandemic has undoubtedly skewed many regional markets. Despite this property still remains an important part of many investors strategy. In the US house sales are projected to rise significantly over the next couple of years. This is no doubt in part due to people’s desire to move out of densely populated areas.

In some countries, such as the US, you will actually need to obtain certification in order to broker property deals. By leveraging real estate affiliate marketing programs you can earn money from the industry another way.

How to Make Money With Affiliate Programs

If you’re lucky enough to already have a real estate related blog with traffic then you’ve done the hardest part. If you’re starting from scratch then you’re going to need to research some low competition keywords and build some content to try and rank for them. In this particular market it will probably take you quite some time to develop any traffic from Google search.

Once you have some traffic to your blog then you need to offer them services that they should be interested in.

If you blog to investors then look for affiliate programs that recommend real estate agents or finance providers. You could also look for companies that handle refurbishment or management of properties. If you are trying to target more residential customers then your choice of programs might be slightly different. You might even target people who are looking to retrain as real estate agents. Online real estate education provision is an area that you might want to investigate.

The key with any type of affiliate website is to try to find the right programs for the audience that you have (or are trying to get). That doesn’t necessarily mean the programs with the highest commission rate though.

Real Estate Affiliate Marketing Programs


Real Estate Express

Real estate express

Real Estate Express have been trading for 25 years and have had more than 350,000 members in that time. The company offer a number of training courses to allow people to become licensed real estate agents.

If you join the Real Estate Express affiliate program then you would earn a commission of 20% on sales of their courses. The average commission you might expect is $35 for every referral.

All Things Real Estate

All things real estate homepage

Strictly speaking not education related but it does follow on nicely. Once someone has managed to achieve their certifications then they are going to need a number of items to run their business as a real estate agent. This is where all things real estate come in.

They offer a wide range of products that any self-respecting real estate agent is going to need such as lawn signs and promotional items.

The commission rate isn’t great at only 7% but it is likely to be a useful addition to your website if you are promoting courses in becoming a realtor.

Property Mob

Property mob

Property Mob provide a number of courses teaching you how to become a real estate wholesaler. Current courses range in price from $47 up to $297.

You can earn 25% commission on sales of the courses and you can also earn a recurring commission if someone signs up for their monthly membership.

Lex Levinrad Real Estate Affiliate Program

Lex Levinrad

Lex has been a property investor since 2003. He offers a number of coaching courses and other training materials for people who want to start as real estate investors.

You are going to need a website to become an affiliate for this business. Unfortunately if you’re still new to the game then this program will not be for you because they require a minimum of 1000 visitors per day.

They offer a generous 50% commission on their courses and have a long 180 day cookie. Lex Levinrad will provide marketing tools including email swipes and banners.

If you already have a real estate related mailing list with at least 20,000 people then you can apply to promote their webinars or even co-host one.


Lending Tree

Lending tree

Probably not requiring much of an introduction to US readers.

Lending Tree have been in business for more than 20 years and have managed over $50 billion in loans over that period.

They are actually a loan marketplace where people can attempt to get the best rate and terms on many different types of loan.

You might think that a finance company would offer a significant commission rate. Unfortunately you are only looking at around $16 for every lead.


New silver

New Silver offer a variety of loans to people looking to invest in property. They appear to have pretty good reviews on Trustpilot (although not many) and will pay you a $15 commission for a successful lead.

Real Estate Listings

Land Century

Land century

If you have an audience interested in self build then this website might be worth promoting. They have listings for vacant lots across the US. Although they do have listings for cheaper properties and those requiring some repair.

The affiliate commission of $5 per lead is not going to allow you to buy your own piece of real estate, however. If your audience is interested in that niche then it could still be a nice little earner.



With any investment the trick is to buy low and sell high. It’s probably even more relevant with property given that you are starting with such an expensive item anyway.

One way to try and find properties below market value would be to use a site such as foreclosure.com.

You can use foreclosure.com to search foreclosure auctions and government agencies that are trying to sell on bad loans.

The big advantage of this site for someone looking for investments is that you can search for loans that are in a distressed state.

This means users will have the jump on the competition and have a better chance of securing a deal at a more advantageous price.

Their in-house affiliate program pays a commission of 25% on any sales you manage to refer to them.


Foreclosure search

A similar idea to the above but based in Canada. It appears that this product is actually a ClickBank product so I would do some more research before building content around it.


Realtor homepage

One of the most well-known real estate listing websites in the US. Offers tools and information to help potential purchasers get their property.

As an affiliate you are only going to earn $5 for successful referrals.


Corporate Housing by Owner

Corporate housing by owner

Sort of like AirBnB but for business people needing accommodation for a few weeks to a few months. For someone with property to let this could be a good solution. You are renting out the property to business clients who are significantly less likely to wreck the property, one assumes.

Affiliates for Corporate Housing by Owner are paid a 15% commission. This translates to around $75 for every successful lead that you generate.


VRBO homepage

Vrbo is a leading vacation rental listing site. It currently has more than 2 million properties on its books.

There are two sides to promoting Vrbo as an affiliate. If you have an audience of property owners then it might be a good vehicle to list their properties. This could earn you a commission of $20 (surprisingly £50 in the UK).

If you think you are more likely to get people to book a rental via your website then you would be looking at up to 3% commission on successful referrals.



Real estate affiliate programs

A big problem faced when you’re investing in real estate is how to manage the properties. Either you manage it all yourself or you hand it off to a management company that will probably charge you 15% of your rental income.

If you’re working on slim margins then 15% could make or break the deal so this is where Buildium comes in. It is a piece of software developed by real estate investors that helps owners manage their portfolios.

As an affiliate you could earn $8 for a trial sign up and 28% on subscription sales.


Bold leads

A software package designed to help real estate agents run their business and generate leads. Probably most applicable to an audience of potential or newly qualified real estate agents who are looking to start out in the industry.

If you managed to refer customers then you would earn $20 each.



Similar to BoldLeads, it offers a software solution for real estate agents to help them run their business and generate new leads.

They pay their real estate affiliates a 20% commission on referred sales.


Bird dog bor homepage

This sounds like a great idea. It allows potential investors to search for properties that will actually be profitable for them. Rather than being stuck using the normal filters on a property search, like the number of bedrooms.

From an affiliate marketer’s point of view it also sounds great with a commission structure of $250 per sale or up to 50% recurring on subscription.

It appears to be a ClickBank product so I would do a bit more digging on that one.


Deal check

The Dealcheck software allows users to evaluate potential properties for their profitability. Should be a good product to offer an audience of real estate investors.

A healthy 30% commission structure on the monthly subscription.


Architectural Designs

Architectural designs

Another program that could fit nicely with an audience of self builders. Architectural designs have over 30,000 home designs for sale. Potential customers can view many of those designs in real life. They have an extensive library of photographs shared by previous customers.

Plans purchased using your affiliate link would generate a 5% commission for you. As an example the plan for a three bed single story property with a double garage is being sold for $1200. This will pay you a $60 commission. You can sign up for this program via the CJ network.

House Plan Gallery

House plan

An alternative to Architectural Designs. Over 13,000 homes in the US and Canada have been built using plans downloaded from this website. Offers a significantly higher commission than architectural designs at 20%. The prices of their plans appear to be similar to Architectural Designs. Assuming you are getting the same conversion rate this would be much more profitable as a real estate affiliate marketer.

Affiliate Network


Real estate affiliates

This network allows you to sign up as a publisher and gain access to a variety of affiliate programs that they have on their books. Commission rates of up to 25% are available and payments to affiliate some made every 15 days. If you have a website in the real estate marketing niche this could be a good network to sign up for as you will have access to a number of different offers.

They offer three different forms of revenue, cost per action (CPA), cost per lead (CPL) and revenue share.

Investment advice

RP Capital

Arcade capital

RP Capital offers financial advice to their clients on a number of different markets including real estate.

As an affiliate you could earn 6% by referring your audience to them.


All Property Management

All property management

Searches the US to provide your visitors with the right property manager for their real estate investments.

Will pay their affiliates a $20 commission per lead.


Move adviser

If your site is mainly about residential property for home owners or renters then MoveAdvisor could be a good option.

If people are looking at property for themselves then the chances are once they’ve done the deal they are going to need a moving company.

MoveAdvisor provides a WordPress plug-in that you can add to your site that will allow potential customers to get a moving quote. It also covers a few European countries as well as the US.

You will receive a cut of any sales made but they don’t mention the exact figure on their affiliate page.

UK Based Programs


Yopa homepage

Yopa is one of the leading on-line real estate agents in the UK (we just call them estate agents!). With their referral program you could earn as much as £100 ($138) if someone instructs Yopa to become their agent.


Homeward legal

In the UK people tend to use a conveyancing solicitor to handle all the legal requirements of the property transfer. If your audience is primarily looking to buy property for themselves then they are going to need a conveyancer.

Homeward legal will pay affiliates £7 for an initial lead that completes their contact form. Further incentives may be paid if that lead goes on to instruct.


As you can see there is a wide variety of programs available for you to promote. I have really only touched the surface of what is available. To achieve the greatest success you need to tailor the affiliate programs you offer to suit your audience.